Feedback is great, it would be amazing if it was an unprompted action, but most of the time its not.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for it … if you’ve done a good job (and they understand the value of good feedback) they will be more than happy to help!

Everything is on-line these days. Even though personal connections are at the fore when it comes to good business relationships, your prospects have word of mouth and google for reference points. The former is by far the best, but don’t neglect what they find online!

Let me put it this way, even though a friend will tell you that a hotel / destination is amazing and you have to visit it …. chances are you’ll still check out the feedback on trip advisor(or something similar). The same is happening in industry!

Ask them in an email!

There’s no need to be shy about it, a simple “May I ask a quick question, why did you decide to use us ?” will do !

If you want to be a bit more formal, for your convenience, here’s a standard template I’ve used:

As you know, part of my personal goals is to work on improving our web presence to help increase our client base. AB value you as a customer, and I would really appreciate your feedback to help us achieve our goals. With your permission, I would like to share your thoughts with potential clients by using your comments as a testimonial to help convince future clients that they can benefit from working with us.

Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated, even one sentence would help”

Ask on linked in … there’s an easy way to do it!

Everyone’s on linked in … lets face it, it’s the facebook for professionals. Even if you hate facebook, linked in is a very good networking tool. Here’s hoping they don’t adopt FB’s “lets run lots of adverts” strategy!

One thing you should be doing regularly is adding everyone you meet in person, as a contact on linked in (if you’re not, why not ?)! Once they’re there, and you’ve served them well, ask for a recommendation! Here’s how

 Once its on there you can send them a message asking them for permission to use it elsewhere. There’s a 99% chance they’ll be ok with this as its already in public.

What are you waiting for … get going, your prospects will definitely read it!

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