I laughed, leaned forward and said … “big potato, what you on about !?”

A few years later it sunk in  …

Dodging the objections is the first hurdle …  

I have seen a gazillion books / blogs / articles on overcoming objections … but not enough on simply being a straight up guy. If you are confident enough in your convictions, stand your ground (but  park the arrogance!).  This doesn’t come cheap though, you really do need to know your stuff.
In the early days of my career, a mentor once said … “what you fann*ng about for, be a bigger potato!”. I had no idea what he meant and I proceeded to try to take the p out of him (It didn’t take too long for his stare to burrow away at my naive soul).

Following that, I racked up a quite a few years of trying LOTS of different sales strategies. I made huge adjustments with my tactics every time I took a knockback thinking it would give me a better approach on the next one. Instead of trying it out a few times, I just carried on changing it. I seemed to be avoiding the “tried and tested” approach … adopting more of a flash in the pan.
Minor diversions to routes can good, but I was joining completely different motorways with some of my strategies!

Which brings me to why I now understand (and love) the big potato …

If you fire a billion pellets at a tiny potato, it can dodge them, making lots of adjustments because its nimble and able to, but if it gets hit, it’s flattened.

However, if you fire the same amount of pellets at a bigger potato, it will dodge a few, soak up a few, but carry on with its path until its exhausted its mass.
Naivety made me a tiny potato, years of experience stuck a load of starch (and whatever else is in a potato) in me and I am now a bigger potato that can soak up a few more pellets. I wish someone had given me the mass I’ve got now as I love being a bigger potato.
Enough about the veg talk … grow some balls and don’t be a pushover. Be a big potato!

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