This is the biggest credibility killer going … If you can’t deliver, don’t make it look like you can.

It’s like putting silver wing mirrors on your standard Audi, or the M sport badge on your standard BMW … tosser! …  is what comes to mind when I see that … And it’s exactly what your customers think when you do it to them. Bad news travels a lot quicker than good, and it’s very hard to shake off the sour reputation once it’s there.

Although you may get away with it with your customers … prospects will very rarely, if not never, forgive an under-delivery of a promise. Yes, they may demand the moon on a stick a lot of the time, but you have to manage their expectations and deliver what you can!

Remember that you cant always meet your boss’ expectations … within reason, your customers are first. This is what will make you an exceptional sales person … and your customers will want to deal with you wherever you go. However, you need to know what you can get away with to actually be able to deliver what you have promised. Typical examples of where it can got right or wrong depending on what the red tape / bureaucracy of the company limits you with …

“if you are worried about it not performing, I can give you a sale or return on the kit!

“I will make sure we have it delivered by the start of next month”

“it will definitely be able to perform at that speed”

… etc.

Its good to push the boundaries sometimes, but be sure to be comfortable in your skin before you do!



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