So, the European court of justice may have helped a few of us.

If you visit customers all day long (as most sales reps do) then you’re entitled to claim that as work hours.

Normally I’d say that if you’re the sort that is going to be kicking up a fuss about this … then you need to get off this site. However, I’ve learnt the hard way with this and unless you’re actually going to gain from the additional work time you’re putting in, then think carefully. 

I cant even begin to count the number of “out of hours” things I’ve done, I know it’s helped my career but whether I could have done it with a bit less of the naiveness that youth bestowed upon me … well, I dont know. What I do know is that its made me a much more robust person … which, coming back to the original point, is why I feel that if you’ve managed your time correctly (and you’re with the right company), this shouldn’t be an issue !

It was an interesting announcement because everyone I knew that was happy with their role (in sales / customer visiting roles) … didn’t say anything about it.

Whereas all those that were obviously not (this was great to bring them out of the woodwork), kicked up a fuss! Anyway … I guess it boils down to whether you actually get any more from the additional work that you put in. Fortunately I’m with a company that recognises hard work and understands swings and roundabouts. I cover 3-400 miles per week, the company covers my fuel … and they don’t ask me to be part of any rewards scheme or stick to a particular vendor. It made sense to join some sort of membership scheme. Don’t bother signing up to loads “just in-case” you go to a different station and don’ thave the right cards, plan accordingly and top up points on the one scheme faster! My personal favourite is Shell Clubcard points, you can convert the points to Avois points (formerly Airmiles) … and I love holidays, so it made sense to join up to that. Whichever one you go for, make sure you try to narrow it down as much as you can so you get the rewards quicker.

it boils down to whether you actually get any more from the additional work that you put in.

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