This can be a challenge when you don’t know the area, being on the road means you need a mobile office and your internet ready mobile phone and its email capabilities don’t quite cut it. Finding good, useful spots to grab a coffee and check your emails is crucial.


 There’s nothing worse than having to hunt around for a place that “works”.

So once I’ve found them, I add them as “star locations” in my google maps. This makes my life very easy in the morning as when I get into the car and pull up my first appointment and find it on google maps (which I use for all of my sat nav activities as well) … I look for the nearest “star location” and head there with plenty of time to spare to accommodate for any potential traffic jams … if there are no hold ups along the way, I can grab a coffee and check my emails before my meeting. If there are traffic jams, I can abort the trip to the “star location” and head straight to the meeting.

Finding these places can be a bit difficult, but they mainly involve google mapping the usual suspects (McDonalds, Little Chef, Starbucks, Welcome Break, Starbucks, Costa … and others) this picks up on my current location and showes me where the nearest one is (I have yet to find a reliable free Wi-Fi hotspot locator, so if you can find one, let me know!). Once its found one, the next hurdle is the parking … the UK is notorious for the “you can only park here for X minutes / hours … after that because we’ve captured your plate number with our cameras, you’ll receive a fine in the post!” … and be very cautious with these because they work on a day by day basis, ie – if you enter and leave straight away, but return 4 hours later for a quick trip, then leave … that’s a 4 and a bit hour stay (it takes your first entry and last exit times on that day) … stitch up!

Typically, my star locations are places with good coffee, easy and free parking & internet.

I leave @saleslifehacks reviews on my google star locations around the UK wherever I can, please feel free to add to these if you can!

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