Anyone can offer what’s already there (the internet makes sure of that). Get off the beaten track and create new, create different, create refreshing, create inquisitiveness … hopefully that’s got your juices flowing!

“We offer free after sales service/support with all product purchases”

(Everyones doing this! Why not get radical …)

“Free products with all subscriptions!”

We capitalised on this type of approach with all of our partners (our solutions are a part of their overall solution) by helping them propose proven solutions to their customers before they’ve even spent a penny. After carrying out a complete evaluation of their project, if we knew we could offer a solution, we invited them over to a workshop we tailored to their project. This way we enabled them to not only present a potential solution to their customer, but they were also able to explain how it worked. Not only does this help you get others to sell your solutions, but it also helps eliminate time wasters (as they won’t bother travelling over to attend the workshop)

The majority of people are sitting around the middle, because everyone’s using the same forms of networking / communication options … everyone that’s internet savvy wants everything for the lowest price, and that’s pretty much it !


Believe it or not, there are still “non internet adopters” out there that are waiting for new stuff to land in their lap … all you have to do is find them. At the other extreme, there are people that are dying for stuff that isn’t sat around the middle (or the bottom), you just have to tell the compelling story that convinces them that you’re it!

Pick up the stragglers, or harpoon the high flyers.

Work on your sales network and the rest will follow.

Stop pouring new projects into the top of your funnel and start thinking more about “quality, not quantity”. There is so much out there that customers have learnt how to tune out most of it. Work on developing your existing relationships to help you create new ones. Once you have your current network really flowing, trickle new, interesting stuff into it and it will spread by itself and you’ll find people will be coming to you! Telling stories about how different your operations are helps you stand out from the rest, it helps you earn their trust … especially if the information is passed around through a network of “trusted” individuals.

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